2014. március 19., szerda

Happy Birthday, Glenn

What could I say about Glenn Close? She was born on 19th March, 1947, in Connecticut. She is the most wonderful actress. I fell for her when I saw her in August, 2012, playing the most exciting, most disturbing character, an unforgettable crazy lady, Alex Forrest, in Fatal Attraction. She was perfect for the part. Nobody, not one single actress could have played Alex Forrest better. Glenn made Alex real, instead of another female villain, she was charismatic, sensitive, powerful. Since I have seen that movie, I love myself better. I am borderline and a troubled woman. I wish I could be as a great person as Glenn. I wish I could be as talented as her and I could shock and move people with my writings like Glenn can with her acting. Sure as hell I write much better stories since I have fallen for Glenn. I also found a job - I could not find one for many, many years, I am depressed and homebound and avoidant. Thank you, Glenn. You made my life better.
I love the way that Glenn has value. I love that she has a college degree in acting. I love that she plays strong women. I love that she loves animals, she has plenty of dogs, and she speaks up for dogs and exotic cats. I love that she created Bring Change 2 Mind, an organization for the mentally ill; her inspiration was Jessie Close, her sister, just as sensitive and bright as Glenn. I love that Glenn was Alex Forrest, Patty Hewes, and Cruella (who could have thought that Cruella was sexy as hell). I love that Glenn was nude on film, not only because she has a wonderful body - she does have one, to put it mildly, Cruella, elle l'a -, but because she is bold, authentic, and never prudish.
I love her!

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